Free Range Creative has the ability to maximize growth, awareness, visibility and digital presence through our long term relationships with key media and taste-makers. We will establish an ongoing media awareness campaign that connects brands with national lifestyle and beauty editors, television producers and beauty experts for ongoing coverage in beauty,  fashion and lifestyle themed outlet.

Engage brands with top Beauty & Lifestyle professionals for coverage opportunities, celebrity brand introductions and word of mouth brand introductions.

Your top priority is to ensure that all relevant media keep your brands top of mind! A quality campaign begins with consistent, engaging and concise media collateral-prepared by our talented practitioners with these brands we will:

• Create brand and product press releases for each product targeted to bite media and end consumer.
• Create topical weekly email blasts keeping these brands top of mind.
• Our team will create ongoing editorial pitches with unique angels in line with current trends and fashion and lifestyle culture.
• Arranging sampling opportunities and desk side meetings with all relevant media.
• Message all hits and coverage through social media channels.



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